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NetBeans in Cancer Research in Pakistan


What Geertjan wrote about this https://blogs.oracle.com/geertjan/entry/netbeans_in_cancer_research_in

SKM-LAS introduction on Netbeans showcase under “Healthcare” section.

8-28-2015 7-45-39 PM

This is a laboratory automation integration solution being created at the aforementioned hospital in Pakistan on top of the NetBeans Platform and with NetBeans IDE. It integrates 63 pathology lab machines and analyzers into one coherent application, supporting a range of protocols. The system bi-directionally communicates with true random access analyzers, such as General Chemistry (e.g., Hitachi P-800, COBAS 6000) and Special Chemistry (e.g., Advia, Immulute), where analyzers read the tube barcodes and inquire the system for the test orders and receives them, analyzes samples, and reports back the results to the system. Other features include user/roles/rights management, integrated simulation for quick testing and debugging, and an easily accessible user interface for maintaining the analyzers and other machines, together with their support documents and manuals.


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